15+ Beautiful Farmhouse Exterior Design Ideas

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Farmhouse is nice design of house. This may look unique and attractive compared to most of the current houses that have modern and minimalist design. In this case, farmhouse can have nice characteristic, and it can be seen from both indoor and outdoor part. However, it will be good to start from the outdoor since it will be part that people usually see. There are some good ideas of farmhouse exterior to try. You will have good references to make the house look attractive from the outside.

For the first one, it is a simple porch. Having porch is great for the farmhouse. In the old days, people used porch as the spot to interact and have chats with neighbors and friends. They might also use the porch to enjoy view of surrounding. Now, it can still serve the same function. In this exterior idea, the porch is made simple with the small stairs. The stairs are needed since the house is elevated and has distance from the ground. For this part, the wooden ambience is created by furniture and house construction.

The next farmhouse exterior idea has nice external part. The porch and its area is made symmetrical with stairs become the center that leads to the door. In the previous idea, it has the strong wood element on decoration. For this one, it actually has the wood construction. However the whole house is painted in white, so it looks clean. In order to beautify the outdoor area, there are small plants with white siding around the house. The fresh green color really makes the house more attractive.

These two ideas can be the references of decorating farmhouse. It is not only the indoor area that should get the attention. In fact, it is also important to create good impression for those who see the house. That’s why the exterior part should get proper attention to decorate the outdoor space.

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