35 Modern Living Room Furniture Ideas

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As we know, it is quite challenging to design modern living room furniture ideas. The reason is not because there is only limited styling option. In fact, there are many ways in which you can tackle modern home designing. Well, furniture opts are not issues for the designing because there are many models released in market. These items are sometimes available at affordable price as well. The fact that there are too many options to choose may lead you to go overboard with styling.

The first living room furniture ideas to apply would be the seaside cottage one. This design is perfect if homeowner loves the sea. It incorporates rugs in dark blue and off-white colors. Similar off-white color is applied to the wall and couch fabric. There are paintings related to the sea on the wall. It should be in dark blue color, unlike the rug. Then, some pillows are added to the couch to make it feel comfortable and homier.

Orange dominant in modern living room is also popular these days. Orange certainly brings freshness and brightness to the room. It would have nice contrasts with other neutral colors, such as white and soft beige. In this particular design, some ethnic influences are incorporated in the form of bamboo bird cage style ottoman and woven rug. It would be grander if the room gets nice illumination.

In addition, white idea is also commonly found in modern living room furniture. This color is neutral so you can combine with any accents and tone. Moreover, you can prevent it from looking generic and boring. One way to do that is by adding giant panting over the couch. That would add the nice and unique touch of colors to the room. That’s the best ideas for the greatest modern living room furniture.

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