25+ Enchanting Low-Water Landscaping Ideas for Your Garden

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Garden and landscaping are two things that rely very much on the availability of water. You need water to water your garden’s plants and you need water to design an attractive landscape. Garden landscaping is thus a project that can be difficult to accomplish if you cannot supply it with sufficient water. However, low water landscaping is not an impossibility and even with limited water, you can carry out your garden landscaping project with no trouble. There is a specific term to refer to a landscaping project that relies on little to no water: xeriscaping. If you are looking for the best idea to transform your barren backyard or lawn into a desert garden, there are more than 25 ideas that you can discover to make the project not only possible but also potentially give you a satisfying result.

Choose Plants that Resist Drought Excellently.

Most plants require a plentiful supply of water, but some plants are quite tolerant of drought. Plants like coyote mint, manzanita, and yarrow can thrive even if they receive a small amount of water during their growth period. And if you literally live in the desert, you are certainly aware that cacti can also look beautiful in your garden.

Forget about Lawn.

Although it is not impossible to grow green grass in your low water landscaping project, it is recommended that you prioritize on landscaping materials that don’t rely very much on water. Rocks, stones, and gravel, including sand, can be great for your project. Rock formation accompanied by gravels create a mountain-like scenery that looks great in your garden.
Sometimes, the decision to eliminate the lawn from your xeriscaping project is not only optional. It can be mandatory if you have to deal with extreme water conservation and if you have a seasonal allergy. The grass that grows on your lawn can be allergenic during certain seasons.

Experiment with Zeroscaping.

Xeriscaping is a low water landscaping project that conserves water only to keep the drought-resistant plants alive. A more extreme version of xeriscaping is called zeroscaping, a landscaping project that doesn’t rely on water whatsoever. In a zeroscaping project, you don’t use any plants at all because you don’t use water. Remember that even the most drought-resistant plant still needs water. If you want to experiment with zeroscaping, you can use only rocks, gravel, sand, and other materials that don’t need water at all. Experiment with zeroscaping as an accompaniment for your xeriscaping project or as a standalone project if you need to conserve water very much.

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