70++ Amazing Home Gothic Decor Design Ideas to Create Unique Home

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Gothic Decor began to develop in the 1700s in Europe, and became one of the styles of interior design and architecture which was very popular and favored by many people at that time. No exception in America in the 1800s. According to some sources, this design style was also called the French style in its time. Has some fundamental similarities with the classic French style design.

If you are a fan of the architectural and construction styles of the room with lots of detail, rich colors and the use of decorations and accessories on a large scale, you will be surprised that the Gothic Decor style can provide it all.

Gothic Decor interior design is characterized by the use of black or dark elements that are firm on the walls, floor and ceiling. Large vertical windows, complete with curtains that display a classic and luxurious atmosphere, furniture and accessories and decorations that are distinctive and iconic.

This style is synonymous with dark shades. However, you don’t have to always use black. To give the impression of shade and dark, bold colors can be used. For example, the red color on the cushion, maroon color on wallpaper, parquet floors with dark motifs, or other dark colors that can be applied to the counter top and furniture.

Firm Metal Touch

Apply bold colors and shapes to the metal elements in the room, for example furniture legs, stair rails, handles, or frames. The metal used should be dark in color. You can choose other colors, such as red, indigo, or gold, but not all of these colors are dominant.

Domination of Minimalist Forms

After all, you live in a modern era that places the practicality and beauty of simple forms. To combine with minimalist patterns, choose some minimalist furniture, for example on bookshelves, tables and kitchen cabinets, as well as simple elegant lamps.

Ethnic Accent

A traditional patterned rug or ethnic puff cushion will give a deep dramatic impression. This accent compensates for the minimalist dominance of the room and gives a mystical ethnic impression.

Apply Victorian Style

It’s time to add the Gothic elements that become the identity of the room. Because Gothic style comes from Europe, don’t forget to add victoria style in the house. Victorian style can be obtained from a head patterned wall hangings with Renaissance style carvings. It could also be from the selection of leather, fur and thick fabric. Add a carved mirror or a classic chandelier in the room for the best Gothic Decor
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