21+ Best Coastal Living Room Design Ideas

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Are you planning on redecorating or redesigning your living room? If so, what kind of style that you want to adopt for your new living room design? Well, you should consider to have coastal living room design. Until now, this particular living room design is still become one of the most favored living room design. Furthermore, by adopting this design you will get the easy-breezy and airy feels right on your living room. Well, let’s check out this coastal living room design ideas:

Cool coastal home

To get this style you need to place some stools along with vintage bar. And then add the fitting sinks in the middle of the vintage bar. To further the coastal feels you could also add a cane chair, which you could find in flea markets. Don’t forget to add cushion to the cane chair and choose a checkerboard for your floor.

Sun bleached beach house

The next coastal living room design that you could consider is like this sun-bleached beach house. This house is marked with rugs that are specially customize from Spanish. The floor that is typically used for this house is local-limestone floor. Furthermore, the walls are painted in sandy lime plaster, and the living room is set in rustic style which is marked with wood-beam-ceiling. To further the coastal vibes, this house is completed with a custom sofa, curtain and table which is vintage. Furthermore, this house is also added with some accessories such as painting, coral sculpture and fake flower.

Nautical focal point

Another coastal living room design that you should try is by adding nautical focal point to your living room. Nothing suit a coastal living room decor like the model vintage ship. This model vintage ship is used as a focal point for the guests of the house when they enter the living room area. Even though it is simple, the nautical decor success in creating such a daring statement within the area.

Driftwood inspired

Do you know that blue is not necessarily the element of coastal living room design? Brown, beige and stone is more common choice to achieve a sense of coastal relaxation. The primary key in this particular design is by including materials that are remindful of those wash up by the ocean such as a driftwood. To achieve the feeling of coastal living in this design, you could add rugged wood lamps and the beach-inspired table where the lamps sit on top of it.

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