30+ Stuning Kids Rooms Where Fun And Style Merge

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When it comes to kids rooms, many parents just want to come up with something that’s safe and comfortable for children. It does not mean children’s room cannot be designed to be a stylish space. In fact, there are many methods that can help you achieving that. The first one is classic style poster twin bed. In this design, the bed can be painted in unique yet classic color such as greyish green. To match the elegance of this bed, you can place a white nightstand. The nightstand can be put in small space. Moreover, the bed placement should be in the center.

Another idea is to have special wall design. Assign a specific wall which is going to be decorated. That wall can get glues or smoothened by other tools. Then, the pieces of universe’s maps are pasted to the wall. This room would be perfect for a kid who loves outer space. In the kids rooms, though, the remaining walls should be in neutral color to make the outer space themed wall more popped out.

In addition, you can also install bunk bed without the bottom bed. Below the upper bed, there would be an empty space that can be utilized as playing area. This area is decorated with rugs and wooden chests to keep the toys. It should be a comfortable place for kids to spend time in. Accessing the bed using ladder should be fun for children. However, safety precautions must be done as well.

Small green house is another great idea for kids rooms. It would introduce the love for greenery in fun way. You should choose plants that are hardy and do not require ample amount of attentions, though. Succulent might be a great starting point for the kids. It is also important to keep the space clean. Thus, designated space should be made for the small greens.

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