55 Beautiful Eclectic Backyard Ideas

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Backyard ideas have several variations from simple and minimalist to complex and out of normal order. One of interesting ideas is eclectic. In the design and decoration, this theme refers to old era during 19th and early 20th century period. You may recognize garden or backyard with this style from furniture, ornament, and construction. You can make small building with old architectural design in the backyard. That place is for lounge, meeting, work, or just your private space. On the other side, the building may look like semi-permanent canopy alongside the classic furniture.

Before implementing eclectic backyard ideas, you must consider several aspects. Decorating backyard is not simple task. You might end up spending unnecessary money. Moreover, some backyard is still in good condition even though there is not much alteration. Regardless your idea, the backyard will stay in that condition unless you change into significant landscape.

One thing you cannot forget about backyard ideas is how much the space you have. Eclectic is flexible theme which can adjust and adapt with what available on the backyard. You may turn small yard into beautiful and elegant classic landscape. The space is important but relatively flexible when implementing eclectic idea. More space is better because you have many options. Backyard will have area for plants, pool, ornament, building, furniture, and pathway. They consume much space that urban residential does not have. Therefore, eclectic idea is applicable if you live in suburban or rural are where the space is big enough for any landscape decoration.

Backyard ideas will focuses on the way you arrange many things. You may keep the existing condition and add more plants. The backyard turns into small version of jungle. As alternative, you can create more open scape with vast grass surface. This idea is for people who like running around. On the other hand, you can see the corner or area dedicated for relaxing atmosphere. Small pool, canopy, sofa, chair, table, even bed are in that place. It seems you live in old era where people enjoyed outdoor too much.

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