20+ Top Shipping Container Houses No Lack of Luxury

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The concept of the model of shipping container houses has now become a trend model of the house that is being loved by the world community. The impression that is simple, simple, but unique makes it interesting to be a model of new home occupancy that is (interesting) than usual. Even if someone is good at doing renovations to a container that is not used anymore, let alone just become an ordinary dwelling, from there it will also create a dwelling like a very magnificent conventional house. As the name implies, this house is made from a container that is not used anymore but with decent conditions and has been traded for use in other needs, such as a residential house, lodging, or a shop.

The container house housing has started to be chosen by several people for several reasons. Therefore, container housing offers several advantages not offered by conventional housing which is established directly on the ground. One of the advantages that makes it superior is that the shelter can be moved if you later want to move from that place to another place. That way you don’t need to demolish the house or sell the house first to others. With the concept of container housing, you can immediately request transportation services to move your house directly. These advantages really absolutely beat a conventional house when moving activities.

But before that, it needs a few things to do so that shipping containers are really feasible and ready to be used as residential dwellings. There are some basic requirements that need to be taken into consideration before choosing which container is feasible or not to be used. The container must be in proper condition at 75-80% to be used. If it is below that value, then the container is not suitable to be used as a residence. In addition, the container must be cleaned without any residual stains left from used due to the fear of being left behind by hazardous chemicals originating from the time of previous use.

If you want to have a unique new residential house, then container houses can be an option for you to choose other than the concept of other home models such as minimalism, and others. Even though your house is made of containers, it doesn’t mean you don’t need a piece of land. For this reason, you also need to prepare a land as a place to put the container house of your dreams later.

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