40+ Cozy Mediterranean Master Bedroom Ideas

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The main bedroom in a house should be the most specially treated one. It should fulfill two most important criteria: comfortable and looking gorgeous. Mediterranean style is quite commonly applied to the main bedroom space. However, it does not seem to be an overused style because there are many design variations to explore. One of master bedroom ideas to try out is canopy bed. The addition of this furniture would immediately turn common bedroom into a Mediterranean style one. Homeowner can opt for blank canopy or going a little bit fancy by adding heavy drapes.

Depending on the Mediterranean design variation chosen, the color scheme would differ. One of bedroom ideas for the color coordination is derived from Spanish-Moroccan blend. The main idea of this design is to combine bold color object together. It might sound like the end result would be chaotic, but the effect is totally the opposite. This room feels really cozy and warm. Of course, there is one main guideline to follow to achieve such look: choosing rich colors. Common colors to be added in this Mediterranean style bedroom are aqua blue, orange, and maroon.

Another example of bedroom ideas for this style is exposed ceiling beam. This would create a cottage Mediterranean feels to a bedroom. In this style, maintaining wooden furniture to have natural finishing is important. The main objective is creating rustic vibe in the room. Fabric materials chosen are recommended to be light and have earthy or neutral tone. This will make the bedroom feels cozy and natural. You will want to spend days in there.

The placement of main bedroom in the house would determine its aesthetics and coziness as well. If the house has a balcony, then it is recommended to setup the bedroom there. Many Mediterranean bedrooms in their origin countries are located near the sea and thus such openness is something really desirable. There are many master bedroom ideas to be explored later on.

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