85 Exciting Rental Apartment Kitchen Organization Ideas

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The kitchen is probably one area which people use the most, aside from the bathroom and bedroom. People whose favorite hobby is cooking or baking spend their spare time there, as if the kitchen were the only room that matters in their living places. They understand that sometimes it is not an easy feat to keep their kitchen tidy.

There are plenty of people who live in apartments which only provide small space. It is not surprising that the kitchen will also be smaller than expected. Furthermore, the kitchen is not completely yours—which means you have to maintain its original state.

But fear not! Having an apartment kitchen does not mean you cannot decorate it as you please. In fact, there are numerous ways to spice up your kitchen to the place you will like the most.

Add a Couple of House Plants

This method has so many benefits: it decorates your kitchen, brings fresh scents which energizes the occupants, and can be used in cooking, especially if the house plants are herb and spice plants. You can spread the house plants to the unoccupied corners of your kitchen, and hang them on the walls of the apartment kitchen.

Install Temporary Wallpapers

The landlord may or may not allow you to repaint the walls. But just in case that you are not allowed, you can still cover the bland, dull walls with some colorful wallpapers. Furthermore, you can mix and match the wallpapers’ colors and patterns to make your kitchen stand out.

Cover the Floor and Countertops

Sure, maybe the kitchen floor does not really suit your tastes, and nether does the countertops -- but you cannot just replace it; the kitchen does not belong to you, after all. However, that does not mean you cannot improve the looks of the kitchen, at least temporarily. The plain, boring floor can be covered with a rug of many different patterns, so that it brings the color into the room, as well as providing a bit of cushion to step on. The countertops are even more simple to cover; just use some contact paper, and your counters’ appearance will be greatly improved.

Modify the Cabinets

As the apartment kitchen is small, this means that there is not much available space to store your kitchen utensils. Thus, the kitchen cabinets come to the rescue. We can use them as storage, adding portable cabinets and redecorating them so that they become wonderful storage.

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