55 Good Inspired Vintage Powder Room

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For some men, powder room may look less significant that other rooms. However, women see it differently. In this case, you still cannot ignore the spot since you also stay with women in your house. Your wife and your daughters will use the powder room. They even can spend some moments there. That’s why it is good idea to have nice powder room. In decorating the space, you can choose the vintage room style. It will make the decoration look so artistic.

For the first part, you can create vintage room with the touches of metallic and shiny material. Vintage style and shiny metals are great combinations to show the beauty and luxury. In this case, you can have the mirror frame made of glossy and shiny materials with vintage crafting. Then, just add illumination spotted around the mirror to make it more attractive. This will serve as decoration and useful spot for women to see clearly in the mirror.

The choice of mirror is important part of vintage style of powder room because the mirror is central attention. In addition, you should be selective in choosing the shape. Round mirror may be fine, but it should have exotic design to show the vintage look. In case you do not find good frame, it is better to find unique shape of mirror cut. Then, the sink may also be decorated with uncommon pedestal sink.

Of course, the color theme in powder room should also get the attention. Most colors work well with vintage theme. However, blue and purple may be better option to pick for vintage room. These colors look calm and its vibe is great to affect the mood of women while they are applying the cosmetics. As a note, apply the calm tone since vintage emphasizes the natural vibe.

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