50+ Incredible Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

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52 of 53

Bathroom with a small size does not mean we can not do things from small bathroom remodel ideas. Precisely by having a small bathroom size, it makes us more demanded to be creative and find interesting ideas so that the bathroom still looks attractive and comfortable when used despite its small size. In determining the concept idea, at least you have to know in advance the basics of how to implement the idea. Is the idea that you make is right and suitable later if it is applied in daily life or not. Because, although doing it in accordance with personal tastes, but also need to be known good and bad for the future impact.

For example, such as the placement of a light source in the bathroom. You can't put a lamp as a light source directly above or in front of a mirror from the bathroom. For this reason, you must also be careful before deciding to do a small bathroom remodel. Light is one of the important instruments of its existence in the bathroom. There are more things or furniture that you should be able to place and optimize the area and its function in the bathroom with a narrow size. Some of these furniture are like storage space, cabinets, closets, sinks, and also limiting the shower area.

As the main solution to the storage problem, try to find a rack that integrates with other bathroom equipment. Like a sink with a shelf underneath, or a bathroom mirror behind it can be a storage area or shelves for storing all toiletries. By choosing this equipment, you have made savings in using a small bathroom area of a few percent, the remainder can be used as an empty area or placed for other equipment. For the toilet, try to be placed in the corner of the room so as not to consume excess area later and avoid putting it right in front of the door because it will disturb the view.

A good bathroom one of which is characterized by having wet and dry areas. So to do this the room or area divider can be used. However, do not use area dividers that are completely closed. Try to use a transparent boundary area so that even if given a barrier, the barrier will not create an additional limiting atmosphere in a small bathroom which will in turn create a really cramped bathroom atmosphere. Therefore, do not forget some of these basic things in bathroom remodel ideas.

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