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Garden paths are the important things for a garden, where the plants or grass will not be trampled. Many people have designed the garden path to make it more attractive and aesthetic. You can be free to be creative with your brilliant ideas.

All considerations are all on you. First, you need to budget the idea. If you want to save your money, then you can choose gravel and grass paths. The gravel path is easy to be constructed in the ground. This stone doesn’t need to be cut into pieces anymore because it will form itself. The construction will not be set very deep. It must have a compact base in order the path will be more stable. After you dig the path shape, then you need to smooth the soil. After that, lay down the landscape fabric. Before comes to the last step, make the edging and tap down it. It must be set perfectly straight.

Grass path can make your garden atmosphere become fresher and you will feel like united with nature. When you make a wildlife garden, your garden path ideas will become perfection. Insects or animal will complete your dream garden. Choose the grass that will be fit with the soil and resistant to the traffic and grow in available light.

If you want it to be more expensive, than you can choose stone or brick paths, but it will be time-consuming. The color of brick, which is orange to red, will make your garden has a vintage style. You need to measure how wide will the path is and also adjust the carving of the bricks. Dig the soil and to mark the size of the paths that you have measured, you can use small sticks. You need to make the sand base. Make the soil solid and then flatten the surface. After that, make the edging stakes on both sides of the road. You can start put the brick and use granite cobblers on the sides of the path.

The stone path is the next path ideas for garden that you can create. If you leave the space between the stones, then the greenery will grow. Rustic garden walkway is also nice because the shape of the stone will be like a puzzle. The winding walkway is a well-fitted stone configuration. Your garden will look more classy and neat.
Those are the ideas for your future dream garden that you can easily follow. Make your garden attractive and enjoy the atmosphere.

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