5 Good Studio Apartments that Use Space Splendidly

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It is not easy to get the comfortable apartment with affordable price. That’s why it is a big challenge to create the comfort. In fact, it is still possible to do. By giving some good efforts in decorating the space, a studio apartment can turn into great living space. If you feel your apartment is not comfortable enough, you can see these studio apartments as references. The design does not show perfect decoration, but it is more than enough to get comfy rooms to stay.

The first apartment decoration looks spacious with its white and pastel color. It is actually a studio apartment, yet the color picked for interior can create the spacious vibe. Then, the space also has small furniture in order to provide more space for mobility. Therefore, it only has small dining table next to the simple kitchen along with limited furniture set. So far, the interior only has dining set and multifunction sofa which can be turned into bed. In front of it, there is TV attached on the wall with some drawers below it. This looks simple, minimalist and very effective to create extra space for mobility in apartment.

On contrary, the next idea show contrast decoration. Of course, it can still be the good reference of great studio apartments. The apartment is decorated with dark tone. It has wooden floors with dark brown finishing. As the main furniture there, there is multifunction sofa set in large size and black color. There are also wardrobes and refrigerator in the same color tone. However, it does not make the room look uncomfortable. In fact, it creates bold character in the room. Moreover, it has large windows and these create balance in the room.

These two apartment decorations can be the suggestions. The main point is the studio apartment should be made simple and minimalist. It is also great to have multifunction furniture because it can serve more functions in different conditions. Surely, these two decorations are great ideas of studio apartments.

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