45+ Inspiring Apartment Ideas

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Staying in apartment may not be as flexible as in the house. Apartment has limited space and it can be much smaller. However, it does not mean you cannot live comfortably in apartment. You still can get good life. In this case, if you get full access to decorate your room, then it is good to have some inspiring apartment ideas. These simple and easy ideas can turn your limited area into convenient space.

For the first idea, there is simple apartment. The space is not large, and it can be a studio apartment. However, it has nice domination of white that makes it look spacious. In order to get nicer vibe, there are some spots colored in bright red. The furniture itself also uses the same white color with some parts have the details of red. To get better space function, the apartment gets a separator and it is actually a shelf. It looks great and functional.

For the next references of apartment ideas, it has the concept of bunk bed. This concept is picked since the apartment is so small, so it is tricky to get available space. However, doing this is good idea. There is additional space from the bed. Even it gives more privacy by doing this way, so it is fine have guests coming into the apartment. This becomes good idea of managing the space. Since there is no available room, it is time to create the new one.

In addition, there is a good way of using the kitchen and its cabinetry to separate the room in apartment. In this case, the kitchen is located on one of corners. It has a kitchen set integrated into the cabinetry. Then, this can have another function to separate the room, so there is a bedroom next to the kitchen. This surely shows the great apartment ideas in arranging and creating comfortable space.

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