45+ Amazing Vintage Travel Trailers Remodel Ideas

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Do you want to travel or live comfortably without any significant problems, such as overdue debts, an unfriendly environment, and so on? You can just go and enjoy your vintage travel trailers, but if you already bored with the style, then why don’t you remodel it?

Although your travel trailers are narrow, you can be creative and make your travel trail the most comfortable place in the world and fit for two persons. You can remodel the interior so there will be more floor space. You can remodel your wooden floors since it is the lighter materials for travel trails and strong enough.

You can also choose the type of bed. It can be one single bed or two single bunk-beds that placed on both sides of the wall. Choosing the color is according to your favorite and makes you comfortable. The addition of cushions can “sweeten” your bed. Do not force the space, so you can add anything else. Hidden storage for your RV would be a great idea to save space. You can place it like a shelf, ordinary shelf, while the inside of this “shelf” is full of RV storage, you can also hang the storage on the doors of the shelf. It is better to eliminate useless things and don’t forget to use divided organizers. The next thing is you need to install drawers under the table. It will give you more space for the other. Where else can you set your storage? Under your bed is the answer. You need to be able to utilize thing properly

Do not forget the light. There must be a window and the curtain to control the lights that come in to your room. The position of the window can be between the beds or beside your bed, just choose that will not too disturbing for you. If you are bored with your current curtain, you can change it into a roller blind. Our room will look calmer. If you want to feel warm at night, you can choose a warm white lamp or yellow lamp. It will help you to sleep. Why don’t you add tumbler light, if you want? It will be lit.

Those are the travel trailers remodel ideas that will improve the current design. All you need is creativity and clever to set the place. Everything will be fit in if you know how to manage it.

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Delores Valerie