45 Amazing Apartment Studio Design & Decor Ideas

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The best thing about a studio apartment is that it offers an open interior space with no solid separator that limits your movement and design creativity. However, unlike a loft or any other kind of apartment that is broken down into rooms, a studio cannot be used immediately after you enter it. You have to discover the best apartment studio design that makes your living space practical, functional, and private and personal enough despite its openness. To discover the best design for your studio apartment, you can refer to the 45 amazing ideas and understand the core factors of a studio apartment design.

Create your room.

It is great to live in an open space, but you are surely aware that your bedroom—your haven and inner sanctum—must remain private. In an open studio apartment, you need to create an enclosure that keeps your bedroom private. You can use separators, curtains, wardrobe and other furniture pieces, and anything that prevents your bedroom and its content from being directly seen by people who enter your apartment.

Of course, this is entirely optional. Many studio owners prefer to keep their beds open, especially because creating separators and enclosures will further cramp their small apartment.

Prefer brighter colors.

A studio apartment is generally small, so the best apartment studio design idea is to use bright colors to create an illusion of space. However, don’t use only one color for the entire apartment space because it will make it look pale and unpleasant. Pay attention to accents and color variety and—if possible—live certain parts or corners of your apartment dark-colored to create a dramatic effect inside your living space.

Exploit translucency and mirrors.

Another great way to make your apartment space roomier is by using translucent materials, such as curtains, as well as glass and transparent materials. You should also make use of mirrors because they create an illusory room that helps you visually expand your apartment.

Divide your room wisely.

Having an open studio apartment is great; however, if you are eventually compelled to divide it into rooms, you should divide your apartment wisely. A studio apartment is generally small, so dividing it will make it even smaller. Without a proper arrangement, the rooms may feel cramped and claustrophobic. Use the best apartment studio design idea to make sure that the rooms that you finally have are spacious enough for you to breathe and use see-through dividers instead of solid ones

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