40+ Awesome Mid Century Furniture Ideas

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Planning to design your house but do not know what would suit it best? Or there has been some ideas in mind, yet you are stuck on inspiration? Do not worry, for there is a plethora of styles that would fit with everybody’s taste. One of the styles that can be applied to your house is mid century home style. Classy and timeless, it also mesh well with other styles that you have had in mind. Besides, this particular style always seems popular–which means you do not have to worry about your home design getting out of date.

There are plenty of advantages of having a mid century house style. First, it is easy to live with. Second, you can acquire mid century furniture everywhere, since the style never dies. Third, who would not dig for those vintage sofas and lamp? Beside that, here are some awesome mid century style ideas:

Choose a Brighter Color Scheme
From the 1950s onwards, the paints’ color schemes were gradually replaced by new charts which presented new intermediate tones and bright colors to add life to streamlined architecture. Teal, turquoise, along with buttercup yellow and flaming orange were the signature colors of the mid century period.

If you want another option that does not include painting, choosing floral wallpaper will do. Suitable in the living room, the wallpaper will enliven it with vintage, retro vibe. It was inspired by the Op Art movement which was popular in the 1960s.

Experiment with Combining Different Styles
Mid century furniture, with their vintage, classical touch will suit any style just fine. Pair a few carved wooden chair with an abstract-patterned woolen rug, surrounded by whitewashed walls? No problem. Placing upholstered chairs, hanging chandeliers, combined with brightly painted walls? Cool. Just mix and match furniture pieces with house designs; who knows, the result might surprise you.

Acquire Mid Century Furniture to Heighten the Vibe
The design is not called “mid century style” for nothing–the furniture has to radiate “mid century” feels to it. As there is an abundance of color and patterns, feel free to choose the furniture which appeals the most. For example, you can choose to decorate the living room with pastel colors, using chairs with green cushions and furnished oak coffee tables. You can also adopt Scandinavian designs with their well-known, high-quality wooden furniture, completed with Danish chairs. Maybe also throw some stone-walled fireplace to add the ambiance of the room.

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