35 Stunning Studio Apartments In Three Modern Styles

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Studio apartment is a relatively new concept that has been gaining its popularity around the world pretty rapidly, since it is quite affordable compared to the expensive normal apartments. It is also sometimes referred as studio flat, efficiency apartment or bachelor-style apartment. Since this type of dwelling is usually self-contained and smaller in terms of style, calling it efficiency apartment is ideal as the single unit apartment can provide the needed space without having any division or wall barriers to give the owner freedom in designing and decorating it.

The most essential characteristic of this unit, beside the barrier-less area for sleeping, living, and kitchen area, is the low-maintenance and budget-friendly nature. Due to the smaller size of apartments, the owner usually only requires lower utility bills to pay, including for electricity and heater system. The entire apartment could be illuminated by only a strategically-placed single light. The versatility is another tempting factor, as you can style the apartment in whichever style you want as there are dozens of stylish space partitions to fit wide range of designs and themes.

While there are tons of layout possibilities to design the studio apartment with different combination, the most popular decoration style is modern design. As there is not as much space to begin with, it is important to not let the room get stuffed or cluttered. Modern style prioritizes space usage efficiency, maximum natural light, and balance between function and aesthetic aspects, energy and environmental friendliness, as well as flexibility in order to allow the owner to let their personality shines through.

Check out various inspirations related to modern themed studio apartment below. Regardless of the limited amount of space, you still can gather a lot of creative ways to transform the room into more ample and open. With little bit of ideas and right planning, it is totally possible to create a proper place for a living.

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