35 Exciting Modern Farmhouse Home Exterior Design Ideas

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Many people are owning a farmhouse home. If you are one of them, you may want to perform some updates to the exterior of your house to make it different from the others. When it comes to the exterior, sometimes it is all about the style, however, you may also think about the function. That will make the exterior is as important as the interior. You may need some ideas about how to update your farmhouse home to have a modern farmhouse home look. Here you will find some inspirational ideas on what to do to update the exterior design of your farmhouse home.

Exterior Design Ideas

are some ideas to improve the exterior of your farmhouse:

1. Contrast colors

You will see that typically, a farmhouse home will use light colors with dark accents around the doors and windows. If you think that is boring, you can add highlights on your entryways to create an inviting feeling and as an addition. put furniture on the porch with the color matches to the accent of the house’s color.

2. Small geometric pool

If your backyard looks so plain and boring, give some statements. A small square pool will do. On the side of the pool, set some chairs and tables or a day bed will make a great relaxing spot after swimming with your friends or family.

3. Spreading windows

Having more windows with bigger sizes will not only let more sunlight in but also connecting interiors to outdoors. It will be the source of breeze in the summer letting the air circulates freely. You can add some back porch in the backyard to relax in the afternoon.

4. Dark roof

Paint the roof with dark colors will add contrast to the neutral theme of the house, making your house looks more sophisticated. The dark color will pop up the interior of the house in the evening when the house’s lights are on.

5. Walls from glass

Entire glass walls will connect your interior to outdoor even more. The glass allows beautiful and unlimited sights of the interior and properties.

6. Wood panels

To add textures to your house, vertical wood panels are a perfect choice. The vertical positioning of the wood panels will add a sense that your house is taller than it actually is. Add contrast color to the roof to give extra elegance to your modern farmhouse home.

There are many more ideas in improving the exterior of a farmhouse home, mostly you will play with colors and materials. You can always adjust to the budget. As simple as giving different colors will give a fresh impression to your home.

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