35+ Exciting Minimalist Kitchen Decor Ideas

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With the change in interior design trends, you may also wish to remodel parts of your house such as the kitchen. In remodeling, it is important to put function first before anything else. The modern kitchen is applying the rule that less is more. Minimalist kitchen design and layout are becoming popular now. Modern kitchens now tend to concentrate in a clutter-free with fewer items placed on the countertops, and more places to “hide” small appliances and storage for small items such as spices and herb.

Kitchen decor ideas

In applying minimalist and modern design ideas, try to go with neutral colors like black, white, gray or cream. Modern kitchen decor ideas have a sleek and polished feeling with no added decorative features on the cabinet doors, and the seamless and clean also can be seen in the cabinetry.

Stainless steel appliances will add a modern feeling by giving them a cleaner and brighter look to the kitchen. However natural elements like wood are also used to give arm accents while still maintaining the modern design.

The use of eco-friendly products is also popular in a modern minimalist kitchen, such as the use of recycled wood, energy-efficient lights, and even concrete floor.

Function first

Minimalist and modern design tend to be more sleek and clean, however, in remodeling or even building anything always out the function first. After the function is clear, then add some modern and minimalist furnishing such as simple hardware, frameless cabinets, and put fewer ornaments.

If you take a look closely, today’s kitchen design is sleek, minimalist but multifunctional. With limited space, they maximize the use of it by not only putting food preparing and cooking area but also gathering space.

Elements in kitchen design

There are three basic elements you need to take account at times you need to remodel your kitchen, they are ideas, layout and also style. Ideas mean you need to collect an idea about what features and functions you will have in your new kitchen.

The layout should focus on three areas, refrigerator, stove and sink. you need to think about how you can mobile easily from these places while in the kitchen.

The design is the aesthetic part, choosing what colors, textures, finishes that will present in your kitchen is also important, remembering the kitchen could be the place you will spend most of your time in.

No matter what ideas, layout, or design that you choose, minimalist kitchen should follow the rule that less is more.

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