30 Good DIY Hanging Succulent Sphere Anyone Can Make

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Succulent is a great way to bring nature as well as decorate your indoor or outdoor space. The plants have many benefits and are extremely easy to grow and maintain. Not only your house, but succulent also make the best green maker if you have vintage travel trailers. Because succulent is easy to maintain and looks great, it is possible to consider putting succulent in your travel trailer’s remodel ideas.

Why succulents?
Whether you are decorating your home or trying to remodel your travel trailers, you are going to need some green elements like a piece of nature as a part of the space. Succulents have many unthinkable benefits to offer, here are some of them:

1. Green in any climate
Succulents can grow in various climates even in extreme ones. If you put it in your home or travel trailers, they will provide green to your space at any time and any season.
2. Air purifier
When you are living on the road such as in travel trailers it is kind of hard to get healthy air all the time. As research conducted by NASA that suggests how succulents can eliminate VOC (volatile organic compounds) from the air. Succulents will convert the contaminates in the air into its food by pulling the contaminates to the plant’s roots.
3. Improve humidity
Especially in dry climates, this ability in increasing the humidity as the succulents releasing water will be really useful. The condition like dry skin, dry cough, and a sore throat can be improved when the humidity is increased.
4. Fresh Oxygen
Succulents are unique and special, different from other plants which release CO2 at night, they will keep on producing oxygen. When it is put inside the travel trailer, it will improve your breathing as it supplies oxygen whenever you have to stay inside the trailer.
How to make a succulent ball
To create a DIY succulent ball, you need to prepare materials like wire hanging baskets, hook, chain, plywood, wire, potting mix (soilless), and succulent. The following are the steps:
1. Put the soilless potting mix to the baskets.
2. To form a ball, place plywood over the first basket and flip it over to the top of the second.
3. Pull out the plywood.
4. Wire together the baskets
5. make one small hole in the center
6. push and squeeze the succulents to the holes, do it across the whole ball.
7. Hang the succulents with the chain.

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