30 Amazing Kitchen Window Bar Designs You Would Love To Own

30 of 30

30 of 30

Are you planning on renovating or redesigning your kitchen? If so, I’m sure that you have done your research, consulted with interior design expert and probably you’ve looked through plenty of Instagram photos, Pinterest photos, catalogue, and even brochures. However, you have to make sure that upon your research, you are considering kitchen window bar as your new kitchen design ideas because nowadays this particular design become one of the most favorable kitchen design. Hence, here is some kitchen window bar that you could use as references:

Rustic meet Farmhouse

If you have an open space in your house, it will be a great idea for you to combine it with your kitchen. As we all know that your back yard is a place that could you use as a family space, a play space, and even could be a wedding space. Well, when you have a lot of guests, bring your guest food and drink through a patio door could be such a misery for you. However, you could avoid that by installing panelled windows with balcony overhang above. Furthermore, to make your kitchen window bar more appealing you could add the industrial and rustic stool in the bottom, and pack the style by surrounding the space with shingled siding.

Wall of windows

The next kitchen window bar design that you could try is wall of windows. To get this look, you will need a folding window. This kind of window has taller frame and wider panes. By adopting this style to your kitchen, you will get a larger opening to your kitchen. Thus, it will give you the illusion of having a whole wall of windows.

Beach Bar

Another kitchen window bar that you could consider to try is a beach bar. This style is called a beach bar because the way of the kitchen expands to the backyard, and the window bar undertakes majority of the wall. Therefore, it will make the backyard bear the same theme. To emphasize the theme further, you could add tropical plants to the mix. Furthermore, by adopting this style, you will allow the airy and gusty flow from the backyard to the kitchen.

In conclusion, there are so many kitchen design ideas out there. However, among other things kitchen window bar is definitely should you consider. There are some ideas in regard to kitchen window bar such as rustic meets farmhouse style, wall of windows style, and beach bar style.

image source : pinterest.com

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