28+ Amazing Western And Rustic Home Decoration Ideas

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Nowadays, most of houses take the design of modern or minimalist decoration concepts. These are surely nice since the decoration looks simple and attractive at the same time. However, it does not mean the other styles do not work well anymore. It is still possible to have different ideas. This time, you may want to have your own Western and rustic home decoration. You do not need to worry since it can make your house more attractive, and it is always good to be different from others.

Well, one of examples is to have the concept of barn house. Barn house looks simple and dominated by wooden accent. Warm color from lighting is the important part. It will be perfect when you leave the ceiling to show its wooden frame. It looks so rustic. To make it complete, put the rug on wooden floor as well as the fireplace and chimney in your house construction.

For the next Western and rustic home decoration idea, you can have log home concept. This is still quite similar to barn house in term of wooden accents. However, it is not made with tall ceiling and roof as barn. The ceiling is made flat, and it has wooden construction seen from interior. Then, it is completed with furniture made of woods to show the natural sides of decoration. Somehow, having wooden appliances gives great comfort due to its natural color. As alternative, you can put classical chandelier in the center of the room.

The Western and rustic decoration is not only about the element of wood, but you can also have other elements, for example stone. Even, both stone and wood can be combined. In this case, there is a house with good interior decoration which combines these two elements. Then, the wall is painted with pale tone to show the classic and old taste. In addition, some wooden and ceramic ornaments can create the great Western and rustic home decoration.

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