25 Awesome Honed Black Granite Countertop Ideas For Awesome Kitchen

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Granite—an igneous rock with its distinctive black spots due to the molten minerals that are embedded in it—is a favorite countertop material, especially because of its unique look. When it comes to choosing granite as your countertop material, you have a chance to pick a honed granite countertop. Honed granite is known for its matte and original look. Unlike polished granite that looks shiny, a honed granite doesn’t emit the distinctive shine simply because it is the true granite. Here you will learn everything about honed black granite how to discover the best ideas to make it material for your countertop.

How Does Honed Black Granite Differ from Its Polished Counterpart?

As mentioned above, honed black granite doesn’t have the shiny polished look of polished granite. This type of granite is honed and not finished using a shiny finish. Because of its matte look, people generally prefer polished granite countertop to honed one. The shiny look of polished granite is often considered more appealing, especially for a countertop. Honed granite is more often used as flooring because it is less slippery than polished granite and because the heavy traffic hurts polished granite more than it hurts honed granite. Nonetheless, honed black granite countertop is not a rarity and you can still use the material as countertop if you prefer the natural and classic granite look.

Honed Black Granite Requires More Frequent Maintenance.

Honed black granite countertop is not finished using a thick finish that polished granite has. Even with the shiny finish, polished granite needs to be resealed about once every year. Honed granite requires more frequent maintenance to make sure that no dangerous contaminants enter its pores. Generally, honed granite countertop requires resealing every few months depending on how often it is used, especially for working with acids and liquid. In fact, if you use honed granite as a countertop material, using acid is not recommended because honed granite can be stained by acids, even if the material has recently been resealed. Honed granite is also susceptible to sharp objects. Because it is softer than polished granite, it can be easily scratched.

Honed Granite Is Costly.

You may think that polished granite is costlier due to the extra work needed to make it look shiny. The fact is that honed granite is costlier to buy, especially because it is considered a rare material. All things considered, your preference of the matte look of a honed black granite countertop might ultimately be the only reason why you choose this material for your countertop.

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