25 Airy Home with Lots of White

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Not everyone took a liking for vibrant colors, eye-catching patterns, or luxurious interior design scheme. Sometimes, the best option is to go for elegant, timeless, and calm-inducing design to create cozy and comfortable vibes. If you are one of the people who’d rather go with the latter option, then white is an essential color to pick. By using a lot of white scheme for various design and decoration elements in the room, you’d be able to create a bright and airy home.

Even though white color seems like a bland shade to apply for home according to many people, there are actually a lot of variations can be made from this color alone. From a warm to cool tones, rich cream to pure flat white to veined classic marble, there’s no need to worry that you’re about to give a dull appearance to the space. Quite the opposite, this color actually allows you to be experimental with furnishing and decoration style. You are definitely still able to be creative and create a unique sense.

Natural light and plays of shadows are the focal points of white airy home design. Try to embrace the simplicity and build variations by incorporating strong architectural elements such as exposed concrete or painted white bricks. Certain design elements such as wide staircases and lighting accent could add the openness of the space, as well as avoid it to become basic, plain, and boring.

Now if you are convinced already that the notion of white equals boring is a big misconception, it is time to plant the idea to your house. There are plenty of ideas to make this particular neutral shade stands out even without the uses of many colors. These ideas below will provide you inspirations and guides to help you create a versatile, open, bright, and airy home.

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