2+ Single Bedroom L-Shaped Examples

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Unusual room shape is not rare to be found, it is a common obstacle that force people to think creatively outside the box. People mostly find it challenging because it is difficult to put big furnishing. For example, trying to fit a large bed in a unique shaped single bedroom requires more than instant shopping and decorating. You have to find a way to outsmart the tricky shaped room and create a restful and comfortable space to sleep.

It is easy to be tempted to aim for balance and perfection in terms of designing a bedroom, but it is hardly a priority anymore once you found yourself having to organize asymmetrical arrangement. Inside a tight bedroom l shaped space, you have to give up a thing or two such as extra table at the side of the bed or proper and energy-friendly lighting composition. However, instead of convincing yourself to put items for normal space arrangement, it is better to deal with sloping ceiling or indecent height to create the most out of the room.

Even though it is a dream of many to have a vast bedroom, doesn’t mean there’s no zero difficulty to meet to design such a huge space. Sometimes even a big single bedroom needs to be divided so it doesn’t feel as empty, especially if you don’t own that many pieces of furniture to begin with. There’s a chance that you’d have brilliant design opportunity despite all the oddity.
Plan properly in order to make sure you can achieve optimum space usage. The extra area in bedroom l shaped could be useful if only you know how to utilize the awkward space instead of trying to disguise it. Browse through the inspirations in the list provided below as great alternatives and worth to try ideas.

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