15 Amazing Black and White (Monochrome) Bathroom Design Ideas

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When you are bored with current bathroom design and decoration, you should make good plan to redesign it. It cannot be ignored since bathroom is also important part of house. You still have to make it as comfortable as possible. There are many kinds of bathroom design ideas, and monochrome style is the simple yet attractive option to pick. Monochrome emphasizes on the combination of black and white for decoration and it will give the bold character.

When talking about monochrome bathroom design, it does not mean the room should be dark. If you do not like the bold dark theme for bathroom, you can make white as the dominant color and black as decorations. One of easiest ways is by applying the theme on tiles. Tiles have many designs and colors. You only need to pick colors that have the pattern of black and white. In case it is not possible to get the two colors in each piece of tiles, just easily pick both black and white tiles in the same shape. They will create the vibe.

Of course, it is also possible to have bold character with dark theme. It is like the reversed version of previous bathroom design ideas. In this case, the wall can be painted with black. Using black granites may also be the great choice to show luxury and sturdy look. Then for the floor, pick the design of chess floor with black and white square. Since the wall is already colored in black, the furniture and appliances can have white color.

In some other designs, the concept is not as bold as previous ideas. In fact, the two colors can blend and crate nice combination by using patterns and mosaics. It is not only by choosing the tiles. Even, the options of towel to use in bathroom are necessary part of monochrome style. That’s why there can be many variations of bathroom design ideas with this theme.

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