80 Good DIY Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

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Diy dorm room decorating ideas can be applied for creating a comfortable dorm room. It makes you more comfortable during staying in the dormitory. You should maximize the space in the dorm by lofting a matress. You may give plenty of extra space for working and relaxing your legs. Then, don’t forget to install a hanging bookcase to keep it tidy. These are some decorating ideas of your dorm room.

Blue Dorm Room Decoration

The first dorm room decoration is taking a blue color. You can take two blue beds for your dorm room. It means that you take a blue bed cover or blanket to decorate it. Then, a dorm room wall is painted with a blue sea color to make the color blending. You may hang on some decorative frames on the wall. You can also hang some other decorative details on the wall. It looks so attractive and cute to see. It becomes a recommended idea of DIY dorm room decorating to apply.

White Minimalist Dorm Room

If you love a clean impression, you can take a white color for decorating all parts of your dorm room. It includes items and wall paint. It looks so bright, clean, and shady for staying in the dorm. Take white furniture items such as a chair, table, and bed. Then, hang white frames on the wall. Don’t forget to add a white carpet to increase the minimalist style. You may add tumblers on the wall to make this DIY dorm room look more attractive and beautiful. Your dorm room wall is painted with white paint so that it looks cleaner and clearer. This dorm room decoration seems to be the best one for decorating your dormitory.

Monochrome Dorm Room

The last design of the dorm room is a monochrome theme. It sometimes looks dark and clean with a combination of black and white. The white color is dominant in wall paint and flooring detail. You can paint your dorm room with white color and install white carpet. Meanwhile, the white blanket can be added to neutralize the dark color. Another side of the wall can be painted with black paint with a white splash. Then, you can add hello words on the wall in black color. It looks so mysterious with the color combination of black and white. You can add some white and black decorative items for your dorm room.

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