75 Inspiring Farmhouse Kitchen Design and Decor Ideas

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What is new in kitchen decoration? The answer is a farmhouse kitchen design. No doubt it becomes the most favorite kitchen design because it will make you comfortable and calmer.
When you decide to design your kitchen to be a farmhouse-typed, then it will be “rustic” since there is a combination of wood and classic furniture. Not only that, this kind of type will give you the nuance of conventional. It is a big mistake that people think that the conventional ones are old-fashioned and should move on to the contemporary ones, even though it will be based on each preference. Here the tips for farmhouse kitchen design for you.

Usually, a farmhouse kitchen design will deal with neutral color, so the atmosphere might be bright, airy, and light. Wooden cabinetry and chair will improve the “rustic” vibes for your kitchen. The surfaces of the cabinets and the chairs are wood and the rest is white. Just choose the same color as the wood as like it is a package. Baby green-white or grey-white cabinets are also a great combination. Do not hesitate to play with the colors. If you want to choose the wood to be darker and to be the focal point, then you can combine them with white color. How about make your kitchen becomes an ocean vibe? It is easy though, choose the blue cabinet with white accents. Black accent cabinets and light color make your kitchen become elegant. Want to make it looks vintage? You can choose the lightning a bit orange and the cabinet is made from unfinished wood. The addition of a rug is also the thing that is recommended. The rug can be white, tribal, or any colors that will suit your kitchen.

Lightning is also the part of your farmhouse kitchen. Choosing the style of light is also important. There are so many lamps with various shapes that you can buy. Farmhouse kitchen needs an unusual lovely lantern-shaped or basket-shaped lamp.

The role of the small plant or flower cannot be ignored. It can complete your design that can make your kitchen not monotonous. It can be white ceramic pots on the wall rack, plants on the cute mug, Mason jar, metal basket, glass vase, and etc.

Make your kitchen into a comfortable kitchen with a farmhouse kitchen design for you to cook or it can be the place to relax for your family.

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