40 Cute Home Interior from Tissue Paper Roll Project

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Tissue paper roll is usually thrown away. However, it is such a big mistake because there are a lot of things that you can do to recycle the roll. Toilet paper is something that you must have at home. You have tons of them because they are considered as bathroom essentials. After the tissue papers are gone, you will end up with the roll only.

The roll is thick and strong so that it makes good materials to create something unique, such as decorative elements for your home interior. There are a lot of creative DIY projects that you can do using toilet paper roll. You can make wall decor to chandelier using the roll. All you have to do here is being as creative as possible. There are several preparations that you must do before using the roll as material to create home interior decorative elements.

First of all, you need to make sure that the roll is clean. Remove any residual tissue paper from the roll so that you have a clean roll, ready to use to create the craft. Second, you will have to make sure that the roll is still strong and stiff. If the roll is wet and mushy, it won’t work at all. Third, make sure that the paper roll is not torn apart, unless your craft requires cutting open the roll.

So, are you interested in making the home interior craft using this type of paper roll? If you do, you will have to find out first what type of craft you want to make first. That is why these pictures are here. These are the pictures that you will need to find the inspiration related to easy and useful craft that can be made for free using tissue paper roll you have at home.

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