26+ Amazing Mid Century Kitchen Design Ideas

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The room decorations show the owner character and intention. You often find the room with unique style that people will amaze after entering that room. In this case, you may consider mid century kitchen design for your style. This idea is applicable to almost all situations and room spaces, including kitchen. Regardless where you live, you can always apply modern mid-century decoration. For kitchen, this idea has benefits when you implement it properly.

Modern mid-century design is two common styles in today decoration. Modern refers to era when people produce more stuffs, including furniture. Meanwhile, mid-century is the situation when you bring the historical American era into your room decoration. For some people, even though their kitchen is big, they only keep the minimum area and let the rest for open space. Combination between modern and mid-century concept creates the interesting result. You will have the functional kitchen while keeping the artistic aspect in balance.

The idea for mid century kitchen design does not have definite rule. You can start from using functional dining seating, such as the chair, bench, and stool. Chair is common furniture in kitchen and dining room alongside dining table and the kitchen island. Additional furniture includes kitchen cabinet, floating shelves, and simple storage. These stuffs are common in kitchen as part of decoration. The floating shelves will save the space if your kitchen is small and tight.

For another idea, you can have extended tabletop with more space for extra storage. Single furniture for several purposes is also applicable in mid century kitchen design. The other important aspects to properly consider are pattern and colors. To emphasize mid-century vibe, use geometrical lines as pattern, for example in the kitchen rug, backsplash or some furnishings. While for the color, just apply neutral tone for the wall and ceiling, like white or beige.

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